Plants: flowers and seedlings. If taking them with you when moving, follow some simple rules.

Plants are living things which require special attention when moving to a new location. For plants moving might bring lot of stress. Movers Toronto advice you not water your flowers and seedlings before moving.

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Stop watering and spray your plants two days before the move. The soil during transportation should be dry as in wet ground roots are more vulnerable and mobile. In a dry soil the root system is better preserved when moving. After a heavy watering seedlings are more fragile and easily broken. Besides that, container with a dry soil weighs less and is easier to carry.

When preparing for the move would be best if you cover the top layer of planter with piece of cardboard or landscape fabric to not allow the soil to get crumble during transportation. If the plant is long, it’s worth it to tie it to a wooden peg. If the plant is highly branched, you can use a few pegs. A long plant also can be protected during shipping by covering it with linen or a plastic bag. You can also wrap a soft paper around the pot and carefully tie up the soft top with string or a rubber band. 

Good for transporting large plants would be large boxes which cover the whole plant with leaves and roots. Best Movers Toronto can offer you these kinds of boxes and much more. Small potted plants are easy to pack in cardboard boxes, paving them with foam or crumpled paper. If you can’t pack the plants with their pot, you’ll need to cover the root system with moist moss and pack each plant in a separate bag, and then place few plants in a common box. If relocation takes place in winter, the box with plants should be insulated from the bottom and top side.

There is no need to rush to open the packaging upon arrival. Your plants must be warmed to room temperature for several hours. Seedlings without pots are transported in a horizontal position, protecting the roots from drying out, which they dipped in a mixture of manure and clay. Plants should be loaded into trucks at last and unloaded first. Flowers, seedlings should be well secured inside the vehicle. If the relocation takes place in the summer, the plant should be immediately unpacked and inspected upon arrival and watered. Our moving company Toronto is happy to be of assistance.


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